1. If it is your first class with me, please introduce yourself to me before you start. Let me know if you have any injuries or health conditions.

2.You can also let me know where you are from, who you usually practice with and what your usual practice is. Let me know
how long you will be practicing with me for.

3. If your usual practice is more than Primary Series, please practice Primary Series only on your first day with me. Then, move on in collaboration with me after that.

4. If you have not learned all of Primary Series from a qualified teacher, then let me know. I’ll work with you to see how far in the series you should be practicing.

5. Please practice the series as it is currently being taught in Mysore by Sharath. Do not skip or add postures in the sequence. Stay with the standard vinyasa count. If you need to modify the sequence due to injury or other reasons, please collaborate with me on this.

6.  Please be sure you have bathed in the last 24 hours before coming to class. Also please avoid wearing any perfumes or strong scents (natural or otherwise). As the body heats up and detoxifies during practice, smells become amplified in the room. Your
fellow practitioners will appreciate your cleanliness.

7.  If you continually experience pain in a particular area, develop chronic strain, fatigue, or any other kind of debilitating effects, please discuss this with me. It is possible that your practice may need to be modified or your alignment checked more closely. I am
here to help!

7. Female practitioners should always take the first 1-3 days of their menstrual cycle as a rest from regular practice. Gentle stretching and breathing can be done and practiitoners are welcome to come to the Mysore room to do this. Otherwise staying home and resting is suggested.