Ashtanga Yoga Private Practice

Private or small group Ashtanga practice focused on your choice of learning the Ashtanga sequence, healing injuries, your own advancement through Primary or Intermediate series, learning Ashtanga Vinyasa correct protocol for asana and adjustments (teachers only).

1.5 hours $100 private, Small group price available upon request

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Yoga as Ceremony 

Returning to Wholeness by Integrating Trauma 

Yoga as Ceremony is a tenderly and strongly held space specifically for those courageous ones ready to integrate traumas they have experienced with the understanding that healing is a by product of returning to wholeness.

We will work at your own pace with yoga asana and breath work to gently integrate traumas endured back into yourself as a path of self healing, instead of separating traumas from yourself and looking outside yourself for healing.

This work is for anyone who has experience of war consciousness and rape consciousness. We work inside the definitaion of rape as someone trying to take your power away from you. This can have many forms and is typically referred to as sexual abuse, incest, or sexual molestation as well as rape. War consciousness is defined with anihillation consciousness; the conscious actions by anothor, or group, or nations to destroy.

2 hours  $77

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Mentorship - Ignite Your Calling 

In person and/or online mentorship sessions where all of my knowledge is available to you and your every quesiton. I am fully at your service for your every question, as many as you have regarding; Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Method and its correct protocol of the traditional lineage for all 8 limbs including entire Ashtanga Pranayam, Primary series and Second Series • Your personal Ashtanga practice • Your teaching of yoga regarding clarity on what your teaching is transmitting (do you know?) • Ethics of working in a studio, with classes, and private clients • All technical aspects of yoga teaching • Yoga school curricuiculum writing • Spiritual growth for yourself • How to guide collectives spiritual growth over an arc of time • Mastering your own self care • Learning about your own personal os (operating system) • Discerning cultural and ancestral programing • How to delete and replace any old outdated programs • Learning how to upgrade your own chakra system • How to embody more of your higher self • How to download more of your divine blueprint for this life • How to work with your clients on the above topics • Mentorship can include determining your life calling • Crafting and accelerating your yoga teaching • Detemining your own next steps for your leadership • Honing public speaking skills.

Activations and initiations are a part of this intensive growth program.

2 hours, twice a month scheduled either the 1st and 15th, or 15th and 30th of each month. No rescheduling permitted. $555 per month

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Assistance with Your Kundalini Awakening

One on one assistance with your Kundalini Awakening

Ascending Kundalini light or energy is active in varying degrees inside all of humanity. It’s a natural part of our human neurology and everyone can have a Kundalini awakening, it’s just a matter of time. There are three types of Kundalini openings. The first opening is widely known as Kundalini awakening. This is the traditional ascending, earth based, fire path that begins at the sacrum and goes to the crown. The second opening is the Kundalini heart opening, taking place in the heart. The third Kundalini opening begins at the crown and descends to the sacrum. This third Kundalini opening is the descending, cosmic based, water path. The Kundalini heart opening and descending path are extremely rare at this time. As humanity evolves these two openings will become more prevalent. This session is hightly detailed and customized to each person. You will learn about the traditional ascending, earth based, fire path of Kundalini light energy. You will tap into your own Kundalini, get familiar with the feel of it, learn about the pathways it travels and the purposes of it. You will learn specific techniques to suppoort your own Kundalini awakening or receive assistance with stuck Kundalini. You can receive support with the common shocking and challenging side effects of a Kundalini awakening. Depending on the circumstances this session may be able to be held online as well as in person.

2 hours $122

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Ashtanga Yoga KC  +  Yoga Teacher Training 

Yoga Alliance Registered School of 200 Hour Teach Training offers Private Ashtanga Teacher Training for Ashtanga as Technology. This private, specialized training with me is in the living lineage of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga as taught by Sri K. Patthabi Jois through the lines of Tim Miller and Rolf Naujokat who are my teachers. You will study with me as I have apprentied with my teachers, and be a link this Ashtanga lineage.

- Enrollment FULL until 2020

You can pursue these programs by taking consistent practice with me now through 2021 at Yoga Soul KC. 

Email for more information.

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Activation and Integration

Activation of your Multi-dimensional Consciousness and Integrate more of your own Higher Self into your human form

In person or online sessions to activate more of your multi-dimensional self to assist you stepping more fully into your own soverignity. This includes understanding what it means to be a soverign being, learning to identify and clear old, outdated patterns and beleif systems, identifying karmic timlines and learning how to end them, assistance with integrating these changes and practice creating your life from this new place of a fully integrated somatic understanding of what it is to live as a soverign being! Sessions are in a series for one month. At the beginning of the month we meet for 3 hours then continue meeting for a 1 hour meeting each week of the remaining weeks of the month. Completing activation and integration cycles in 4 sessions total. This offering can be done multiple times a year depending on each persons capacity.


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Channeled Council 

Receive heart opening healing from your own Higher Self and experience more of your true state of being as a master of love and compassion

• Experience assistance with past / parallel life events and purposes • Chakra System Upgrade • Download more of your Divine Blueprint for this life time • Receive council from your own Higher Self on your soul agreements and initiations • Receive divine inspiration and informaion about whats next for you in this life • Kundalini activation • Guidence regarding your aura and it’s actual state as a liquid • Discovering your spiritual or psychic gifts, which are actually normal human abilities • Embody more of your own holy higher self • Guided pathway to access your I AM presence • Instruction in Ankh technology, the operating system for Life • Undersatnding divine feminine and divine masculine principles, energies, individualized guidance on balancing, mastering, and living from this place • instruction in spiritual body expansion and Christ Consciousness breath work • possible initiation in to White Light Tantra • Receive blessings and activations of the Golden Ray, White Ray, Green Ray, Rose Ray, and Diamond Ray • Rearranging of Akashic records to reflect each os upgrades and changes you choose to embody in each session • And whatever else you choose to work on that are suggestions or direction from your own higer self, your guides, or the guides assisting us in each session. Every single session is completely unique.

Channeled Council with Hathor and the Sirius Star Nation • Channeled Council with Mary Magdalene • Channeled Council with Green Tara supported by her orders of dakini’s • Channeled Council with Isis • Channeled Council with White Buffalo Woman and the Thunder Being Star Nation •

1 hour $111 • 1.5 hour $122

Channeled Council (1 hour)
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Channeled Council (1.5 hour)
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